Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How to do Estimate Quotients

Previously we have discussed about rational expressions calculator with steps and In today's session we are going to discuss about How to do Estimate Quotients which comes under school secondary board of andhra pradesh.
WHAT IS QUOTIENT??(Quotient Rule Derivatives)
Quotient is a result obtained by dividing one amount by another.
What is division?

The inverse process of multiplication is division. The number times a number can be broken into parts according to another number.
    The number that is divided is called the dividend.
    The number that divides the dividend is called divisor.
    The number of times the dividend is divisible by the divisor is called the quotient.
    If the dividend is completely not divisible by the divisor it leaves behind a remainder.
10 is the dividend
2 is the divisor
5 is the quotient
Let us see how to find the dividend if we know the quotient, divisor and remainder
Dividend = Quotient x Divisor + Remainder
In the above example
Quotient is 5
Divisor is 2
Here divisor: 4
Remainder: 1
Quotient: 1

Estimating is the process of finding the value of unknown quantity by proper steps.
How to do Estimate Quotients: Estimating of quotient means finding the value with which  a number can be divided with another number.(Know more about Quotients in broad manner, here,)

Compatible numbers:
What are compatible numbers:
Compatible numbers are numbers which we  can be divided  easily.
22 divided 2
again 2*1=2
the quotient is 11
The quotient is 5.
These are compatible numbers.
Now let us see how to estimate quotients for non compatible numbers:


Let us take 31..
Now 31 divided 5, we get 6
we get a remainder of 1
15 divided by 5 is 3
therefore the quotient is 63
Solve estimate quotients:
What number times 7 has a product close to 29?
? *7 = 28
4 * 7 = 28
29 divided by 7 is about 4
Now ?*7=14
Answer here is 2
Therefore the quotient is 42

In The Next Session We Are Going To Discuss Properties of Complex Numbers
and if anyone want to know about Binomial Expansion then they can refer to Internet and text books for understanding it more precisely.

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