Tuesday, 22 May 2012

subtracting integers worksheet

Previously we have discussed about antiderivative of e and In today's session we are going to discuss about subtracting integers worksheet, We know that integers are all natural numbers, their negative numbers & zero. Since we can do mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, so we can do all these operations on integers as well. We can further improve our skills by working out subtracting integers worksheet.
Let us know how to subtract integers. We know that on a number line 0 is placed in the centre , all positive numbers on the right side of zero in increasing order & all negative numbers on left side of zero in decreasing order. To subtract any two integers, we can use a number line or can do the same by following the rules of signs associated with integers.(Know more about integers in broad manner, here,)
To subtract the given integers, we first consider their signs. If the two integers to be subtracted have positive sign, we subtract the smaller  number from the bigger & put +ve sign before the answer if smaller number is to be subtracted, while a –ve sign is put if the bigger number was to be subtracted. E.g., 3-7= -4 as 7, the bigger number was to be subtracted. But if it was 7-3, the answer would be 4 as the smaller number is to be subtracted.
While subtracting a –ve number, the –ve sign of the number & the minus sigh together become +, so we actually add the two numbers, e.g., 4-(-9)=4+9=13
To subtract a positive number from a negative number, the two numbers are actually added & a –ve sign is put before their sum, e.g.,(-8)-5=-8-5=-13.
Thus, we see that all the rules relating to addition of integers are followed in subtraction also with the only difference that the minus sign of subtraction combines with the sign of the number to be subtracted & for this combination of the sighs, we follow the following pattern:
-ve & +ve become –ve
-ve & -ve become +ve

We could also learn new topics like Binomial distribution and its also an important topic in andhra pradesh education board.
In the next session we will discuss about Properties of Numbers and  if anyone want to know about factor algebra calculator then they can refer to Internet and text books for understanding it more precisely.

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